Friday, October 9, 2009


Every time a new season has started I say it is my favorite one. I think I just enjoy change. But as we start our new AUTUMN season I am excited to be doing all that new fall stuff. I traveled back from the local pumpkin patch with; 1 large pumpkin, 4 smaller pumpkins, two hay bails, and 6 bundles of cornstalks. I drive a P T Cruiser. Luckily the local pumpkin patch is less than 1 mile away, as my nose was nearly pressed against the windshield, hatch was up, and said cornstalks were sticking in the back of my head. The visual was not pretty I assume as a few passing cars were laughing hysterically. I painted my pumpkins this year (very Martha Stewart), I love how they turned out! Here is a picture. Cornstalks have not turned yet, our pumpkin patch sells them green because they are stronger for transporting, and set up. They will be brown in about a week.