Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At this time of year we all need to remember that harvest time is not just for us humans!! This is the reason for the new insanity that has hit the Nicholson house hold. We have two dogs Boone and Belle. Boone spends his days now parked in front of the window beside the front door...waiting...! Waiting for the new little visitor that has discovered the corn stalks tied to the posts on the front porch. As you can see the corn is no longer on the cob. I'm sure you can imagine the havoc it causes for us when both dogs suddenly go wild barking and trying to break out of the house to reach the little trespasser. If I am talking on the phone to someone, well forget about it. I have to shut myself into the bathroom just to hear the call. Once scared away it takes forever to calm the dogs down. Of course this happens off and on all day. Making it very noisy around here lately! I left the camera on my little table by the front door for a week trying to get a picture for my 'WANTED' poster, and today success!!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

So Halloween has come and gone. The days have ended for me that my kids will let me dress them as a cute animal (lion,cat,elephant). For them the darker, the scarier, the grosser the better. Here are the pictures I took of them before our wards trunk or treat. James had a horrible looking mask, but I wouldn't let him wear it to church, so we made up his face instead. Rebecca was at school this year, we missed her. I don't think James will dress up next year, apparently he is getting too old for 'trick or treats', plus he had to give 3/4's of his candy to his brother because of his new braces. But fun was had by all, on to Thanks Giving!